Friday, September 26, 2014

7 Tips on How To Take Advantage of Instagram as a Marketing Strategy for Your Business

People who are into taking photos are very much keen about how Instagram works. Or whether you are a normal person who just wants to take selfies and post them on your online profile, that’s also one way how Instagram works. However, if you are an entrepreneur and you have been wondering how this social media app can help you market your business, and then here are a few tips I can share to you. And if you want to know whether it’s true or not, trust me, every digital marketing agency in the Philippines, among others, know that. It’s just a matter of taking a big leap of faith and of course, intense strategy.

Take professional photos

It is important that the photos you are taking are clear and crisp. And to achieve that goal, take professional photos. You can make use of your iPhone (since it has features as that of the DSLR) yet there are times where the iPhone is also often limited (such that in taking photos at night time), that’s why there is a need to use a more fancy camera.

You can take the photos by yourself if you think you are confident enough on how to get the best angles for your products, but on the other hand, you can hire a professional photographer to do it for you. In that case, you can still reuse the photos taken for some other collaterals, either for your website and other social media accounts.

Conceptualize concepts

To make your photos and posts interesting, you need to conceptualize what and how you want your photos, your profile and your brand will look like. Ask yourself, “What kind of concepts will suit best for my product?” or “Would I want to make it look too dynamic, vibrant and full of colors? Or just the plain and simple type?” Again, asking questions will matter since after all, you are the one who is going to benefit from it. Let your creativity shine!

Make sure you are not in the photo

We want to be vain sometimes; it is not entirely a bad problem. But since you are creating an Instagram account to showcase your business and your products, then make sure you are in the photos. However in some cases, there are feature stories that you wanted to include, just to stir more interest about who’s behind the company, but to make things more in perspective, avoid posting photos of people. Focus on your goal and that is to showcase your products.

Hashtags, forget them not

Do not be afraid to use hashtags in order to gain followers and likes. It would really not matter how many they are. However, it is important to know which hashtags to use and how to use them in such a way that the likers or viewers will understand why you are putting them up in the first place. Sometimes, hashtags can be annoying too if every #word #in #a #sentence #you #make #has #one. See? With that, you can brainstorm what relevant words to use and make them into hashtags. Start with the most common ones and eventually, you can make your own so people can follow your thread of photos!

Use applications to enhance your photos

There are a lot of editing apps that you can use to enhance the view of your photos. Cropping, resizing or filtering apps are available on app stores that you can freely download or purchase at a valuable amount. Just make sure not to overdo it since what you are really focusing on is the clarity of your photos and how you would want them to be viewed by your potential clients and viewers and in real life.

Use videos

With Instagram’s video feature, you can upload 15-second clips about your products. Perhaps a very short ad that can easily be understood by your viewers is fine. Or you can run them through some short details as back up to your posts. Either way, as long as it works, it should definitely work. The key again is conceptualizing.

Link with your other social media accounts

To make your posts more visible and shareable, you can link your Instagram account to your other social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook or to your website. With this, it would not only limit those who are only users of Instagram, but will expand the shareability of your posts across other forms of media.

With these following tips, you should have already an idea on how Instagram works. All you need is to explore more on it and perhaps you will get enough hits and likes in no time!

If you have any thoughts in mind, feel free to post them up on the comment section below!

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