Friday, October 17, 2014

What Successful People Do in the First 15 Minutes of Their Working Day

Starting your day at work might often be a huge boner for you because; yes it’s a workday. But then again, think of it this way—you can make things smooth and better if you know how to start it right. To commence the day, you should motivate yourself in anyway as possible to become productive, just like how a digital marketing agency in the Philippines and their employees do it, as an example.

The first few minutes in the office is crucial; it should set the mood in order to accomplish and score productivity. Below are some ideas on how one can be truly successful at the office, not only for a day but also always.

Think / Reflect

A person who reflects might be able to get a clearer idea of what he or she is going to do during the day. Thinking also helps your brain, making it practice critically or just going around your mind palace. It also helps to reflect so your mind is ready for the challenges up ahead. Questions like, “What did I accomplish toward my goals so far this week?” or “What is the status of my current projects?” or “What do I need to accomplish?” are just a few of which you should answer to keep yourself updated.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Successful people take some time at the beginning of the workday making sure that the items they frequently access such as their keyboard, computer mouse, phone, etc. are all in comfortable reach, most especially the chair or desk they are designated on. Being comfortable makes the tasks to be done easier when performed. You also have to ensure that you have proper lighting to have an ergonomic environment that is functional. But of course, make to a point that you won’t get too comfortable because doing so might have you slacking off.

Stretching Helps

This makes your muscles and your body’s reflexes more prepared to the day’s work and from the sedentary sitting position. Aside from that, stretching makes your blood circulation into a good condition. You should also consider walking or standing in the first few minutes of the workday. With that, it can give you greater control as you tackle the day’s agenda.

Listen to Music

Music helps a lot. This can create a mood, which would make your body and mind ready for the day. Perhaps you might have a workday playlist that you can play (and sing along) while getting ready for the day’s hustle!

Organize Workspace

It is important to have that space in your own desk because you would not be able to move around freely and quickly. Organizing your workspace is a must-do to keep your desk clean. Facing a cleaner slate on your desktop will better clear your mind for the day’s tasks.

Prioritization is The Key

For a person who is about to go on a 9-5 hour work shift, there might be projects coming along the way, not mentioning the current ones that you are working on. Be reminded that to make things smooth flowing, you need to have a priority-list and know which ones are urgent and important. Or, you can go beyond just making a list, and challenge yourself to create a realistic hierarchy for your projects.

Review To Do Lists

It is already a given that you have prepared your to-do-lists. And the many you have on the list, the more of a possibility that you will be able to miss out on them if you don’t keep yourself updated. From time to time, make sure to check and review your list so you could stick to the plan and focus on the more important things.

Strategically Check Emails

Checking your email is maybe one of the most tedious tasks you would be doing especially when you have been doing it from the start of your day. Strategically check your emails by quickly scanning and prioritizing which emails you could answer later as part of your pre-planned day, instead of diving into the entire mass at once.

Map The Day Out

By mapping out your day, it means getting ready for what will happen during the work hours. Organizing your thoughts of which things to prioritize will help, and then maybe you can write down what they are on sticky notes or your organizer. Do what works for you to keep the workflow smooth and easy.

Taking A Moment to Be Grateful

By being grateful, would mean keeping positive vibes to come in. Gratitude on the simple things that come in hand is a good practice. Identifying something you are grateful for, it may be personal or business related is a great way for a successful person to start their day with.

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