Monday, September 29, 2014

How To Create Happy and Motivated Employees and Make Them Stay

For businesses, it is important to value your employees, next to your customers. Why? Because without them, you would not have enough manpower to operate your company and the other duties and responsibilities that are needed to be focused on, that is why proper treatment to your personnel is your task too as an owner of the business. Say for example, you are an owner or head of management of an SEO consulting services firm, which employs quite a number of staff, or any kind of business whatsoever, it should be the management’s task to satisfy your employees in return for the hard work they have invested on your company.

Below are some tidbits a company’s management should know, no matter how many employees you have at the moment:

Define Vision

As the ‘leader’ of the company, the vision should come from you. But in order for this to be realized, you have to let your employees know what your vision and mission is, so they could also embody this within themselves. Aside from that, be an inspiring leader who, not only withholds what good trait a true leader should have but also, motivates his employees of their tasks.

Give Them What They Want and Need

Give your employees the proper training and equipment they need in order to deliver the work you are expecting them to do. Remember that you should not always assume that each and every one of your employees has all the tools and knowledge. As a supervisor, you should know their strengths and weaknesses to be able to know which area they needed to improve on and hone.

Communicate Well and Often

Communication is important. And by communication, it would mean having training sessions, sending out memos, newsletters, and regular meetings or simply allowing them to give you a message whenever an information sent to them turns out to be something they are confused about. Redesign the way the information reaches them if you have to. There has to be an amicable and two-way interaction between you and your employees, so in the long run you would not have the difficulty of engaging with them.

Get Everyone Engaged

Figure out how you could keep your employees engaged in planning and decision-making; something they would be willing to fight for. Whenever possible, make it a point that they’re input and ideas are being asked. This way, they have a vested interest in seeing the project succeed and can empower and motivate themselves.

Coach Success

Give them feedbacks as much as possible. Be a mentor and keep them motivated, not only by you, but also by themselves as well. Don’t wait for periodic reviews; instead, offer feedback as often as possible. Constructive criticisms are all right as long as you explain to them why you have given them such feedback and that they can have the opportunity to discuss ongoing projects and issues. These meetings won’t take a lot of time and they can build strong relationships.

Respect and Act Fairly

As a leader, use your judgment, wisdom and experience to create a supportive judgment. Respect and trust your team and you will get the same in return. Admit that you are wrong whenever your make mistakes and apologize. This way, your employees will gain trust and appreciate your honesty.

Discipline Yet Keep The Fun

It is important to have fun especially if the workload becomes too tough. At the same time, you can keep the discipline among your employees when you practice this with them. There are always a time for duty and pleasure so keep the work-life balance a stable one.

Implement Incentive Programs

This is a perk you can give to your employees based on their actual performance and paid out only after an employee has reached the desired goal. No matter what kind of business you are in, it is important to look into incentive programs. This will make a positive impact on the company as a whole, having your employees strive harder to meet the target needed.

How about you? What kind of work ethics and employee-employer relations can you share? The comment section is always welcome to have your thoughts.


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