Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Focus Your Business Efforts to Right Customers

Remember that time when you wanted to date that person you have been eyeing on for prom? When you really tried and asked her out for the reason that you wanted to get to know her better? You’ve sent her bouquet of flowers and treated her for lunch and escorted her to parties but still, your efforts haven’t been paid enough? It may sound desperate but you also need to be noticed. However, this does not always apply every time. And just like having a business, say for example an SEO consulting services firm, or any type of business you are in, it’s like courting your customers, but over the right efforts and right ones.

Despite having that charisma, there would be times when you would feel that your efforts have not been paid off. But won’t you ask yourself, “Am I doing this for the wrong person?” Call it marketing but the truth is you have to keep your radars up and psych on the potential customers and not just wasting time on some different people whom you think would not mind you.

There are a lot of reasons why they don’t notice you that much perhaps because of the following:

Because they compare. They might be looking for some other companies whom they think are better than you.

Tip: Make this as a motivation to be better. You would not know when you’re big break’s going to be so better be prepared.

Because they think you are not good enough. Customers are still finding some proof from you whether you could be of help to them.

Tip: Take this as a challenge. You can banner out the projects you have accomplished from various past and current clients you have been working for. Show them your work.

Because they have found what suits them. Sure, they may have found what suits them. What works for them, works for them. Let them be.

Tip: Learn from the experts. Know their strategies on why people keep on coming for them. There is no better way of learning than experiencing.

Because they just don’t want you. Perhaps because they can’t afford your services, that is why they’re opting for others. You don’t have something at fault. They’re missing the point.

Tip: Hone your skills more and be more passionate about what you are doing. Let them see that what you are doing is truly worth a thousand pennies.

People make decisions and they have their own choices. But oftentimes, they are still finding the right choices even if they have already decided things. By doing so, it would mean keeping you more determined and at the same time, open to ideas for you to grow more and be more than enough a client needs.

Identify Your Key Clients.

By knowing your key clients, it would be easy for you to know what strategies to do and what products you should focus on for a particular customer. It would also be good to have a client relationship to be more comfortable with each other and for your clients to be more receptive as you introduce your services.

As a firm, you can also choose clients that have unrealized potential. By doing so, you will be able to see tangible results as you help them grow their business.

Discovery Process.

A good step to do next is the process of developing a strategy for your firm. In this way, you will be able to approach the list of your target clients properly. For example, you are a link building services firm, by undergoing the discovery process, this would include thinking about the needs of each business, what’s going on in their industry, the goals of your clients, what resources your company can offer them and most importantly, how to communicate those services to them.

By these strategies, your firm will increase the odds of garnering clients who will surely utilize your value added services and in turn, your client’s loyalty to your firm. Once you’ve chosen you clients and when they choose you, alert them of your new services and give them the best that you could do.


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